Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Noccalula Falls

October 27, 2014

On Friday we drove from Baileyton, TN in the mountains to Noccalula Falls in the city of Gadsden, AL.  When we arrived the camp host marked a campground map to show us where our site was, and we proceeded to park and set up.  Shortly thereafter I started feeling chills and realized I was running a fever.  I had noticed for the past couple of days that I had some post nasal drip and just didn't feel myself, but now I felt sick.  I changed and went to bed.  

A few minutes later the camp host was knocking at our door. I reluctantly answered it and was told we were in the wrong site and we had to move right away--someone else had reserved this spot. I told him I was sick and feverish, showing him the map he had marked a couple of hours ago with this site circled but he still insisted we had to move. So we stowed everything away, unhooked connections, and pulled in our slides.  By this time it was almost dark and Bob had to back into the new site with little light.  He did a great job, as he always does, and we resettled in. I slept like a person with a fever that night and for the next two nights, feeling tired during the day and feverish at night.  We left Noccalula Falls the next morning, however, and headed to southern Alabama where we had reservations to stay a whole week.  Bliss!

On Monday I called the campground manager and explained our experience (the host had outright lied when he told his side of it.)  She is comping us for a night in the future, so we may go back to Noccalula Falls again on our way to NJ next spring.

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