Wednesday, October 1, 2014

We Finally Close

We went to settlement on our house after a nail biting day. It was not even definite that the closing would happen until last minute, as the buyers' mortgage company dragged their feet at each step of the way.  Our realtors took us out for a celebratory dinner afterwards in Lambertville, NJ and we had such a great time.  Thank you, Faith and Yogi, for a wonderful evening and for the fabulous job of getting us to the closing table!

Today we are spending some time going through and discarding papers, and figuring out where we will be spending the next two weeks until our return.  The plan has been Virginia, but as RVers are wont to say, our plans are set in Jello. So we may change our minds today and go in a different direction.  It's all good.

I'm also going to be enjoying my last day in this area and doing a bit of shopping with Kristen and Emily.  So far I am loving retirement!