Monday, October 20, 2014

Somebody's Getting Married!

I apologize for the few posts last week.  On Thursday we left our campground and drove to eldest daughter Kristen's house in preparation for our son's wedding on Saturday.  Kristen and I spent all day Friday shopping for last minute wedding necessities in a nearby town with lots of upscale shops.  It was a tough job, but had to be done! ;)

Saturday was wedding day! My sisters Cheryl and Gail, and Cheryl's husband George arrive about 12:30 and we quickly dressed to leave.  We drove to the church, an easy 25 minutes away.  How fun to see family arrive and have a few minutes to start to catch up with family news!

The church was lovely, as was the wedding service. And the bride and groom, my son Tim and now daughter-in-law Bernie, looked great together.  Bernie was beautiful and radiant, and Tim handsome in his wedding suit. And the children of course were adorable.

The couple had planned for a reception at a barn in Swedesboro and it was a perfect venue.  Decked out in fall colors and glittery lights, it had plenty of room for the dinner and dancing afterwards.  The children who were old enough to sit away from their parents had a table with coloring books and crayons, stickers, goodie bags, and nibbles.  They had a blast sitting together and then playing inside and outside the barn. What a great party we had!

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