Thursday, October 23, 2014


We left 10:00 am from Kristen's house yesterday and headed for Virginia.  It was drizzling rain for much of the trip but stopped raining before arriving at the campground at 4:15.
We have had problems in the past getting through Baltimore because we carry propane, and it is illegal to use the tunnels with propane on board.  So this time we used the following route:
95 S to exit 64, 695 east
695 E becomes 695 south
Stay on 695 South until it joins with 695 west
Exit 11b to 95 south
Ex 27 to 495W, heading towards our campground in western Virginia.  It is a bit out of the way to use this route, but at least we are legal on the roads!

In Virginia we stopped for fuel, putting $309 worth of diesel in the tank.  At which point our Visa card stopped working.  I paid with another card before calling Visa to see what was up.  Because I had used the card the day before in NJ, then such a large amount in VA, the fraud protection services flagged the account.  I had a lovely conversation with a man in fraud protection who restored the card after hearing my explanation, then he proceeded to tell me about his dreams to retire to a motorhome in a few years.  I gave him some advice on where to get information, and we were best buds by the end of the call.  Perhaps we will run into him and his wife on the road one day.

I spent much of the trip spinning with my Jenkins Aegean Turkish Spindle, and it passed the time nicely.

We planned out the rest of our stops and called to make reservations, so we are all set for the next ten days or so.  Tonight we should be in Tennessee!

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