Friday, October 3, 2014

Settled in, in PA

I was not able to upload yesterday's blog post because wifi doesn't reach our site. Today I am walking up to the office and hopefully I can get these posts online.

We lest Kristen's house at 10:30 yesterday morning, lifting up he overhead wires with a long broom to allow the motorhome to pass under safely.  And we were off!  It was a nice travel day--no rain, some clouds but very pleasant. We were happy to leave Philadelphia behind. I don't enjoy city driving even as  passenger.

We too our time and drove at or below the speed limit the whole way, stopping for lunch at a rest stop where we witnessed a small car taking up a whole long-rig parking space.  Since the lot was pretty full, this inconsiderate boob who could have parked anywhere made it more difficult for the truckers and RVers to find a spot to take a break.  People just don't think!

Back on the road.  We followed the directions on the website to find the campground, ignoring our GPS.  We have finally learned that lesson--when it come to campgrounds, don't follow GPS! I can't tell you how many times we have been led astray by them.

Our campground is fairly small and very quiet, with a lovely view.  We tend to avoid "big box" campgrounds that offer family amenities.  Those are usually much more expensive and sometimes have loudspeakers announcing children's activities on the hour.  Since we are just the two of us, we put more value on less expensive, quiet, friendly places that have some interesting attractions within driving distance.

Bob's brother, Tom, had given us a bottle of champagne to celebrate our new adventures, and we cracked it open last night as we enjoyed our peaceful surroundings.  It was very nice!

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