Monday, October 13, 2014


Monday morning

On Saturday my youngest daughter celebrated her birthday.  Emily is a lovely young woman with a great husband and two adorable little girls. She put herself through Optician school and has earned her license to practice.  How would I describe her? Emily does not see closed doors as locked, but barriers that must be opened. She is very social and loves to be around others. Even as a child, she enjoyed helping people, and accepted them as they were. I could not be prouder of the person she became. I love you, Em!

Sunday was a very nice day, and Bob and I decided to go for a drive.  We visited Craven Hall, a historical home in Warminster that was saved from the wrecking ball by a group of local residents.

Erik Fleischer, President of the Craven Hall Historical Society gave us a tour of this lovely house.  I
was excited to see that there was a framed wedding certificate on the wall with some Bennetts listed.
In my family, my great great great great great great great grandfather was Captain John Bennett, who
served in the first Seminole War and brought back a Seminole woman as his bride.  There is a John
Bennett who signed the wedding certificate, but it is doubtful that it is my ancestor.  Still, who knows?

The Hall boasted a flax wheel

And a great wheel

Plus a very interesting loom.

Next to the Hall is a small museum commemorating John Fitch, the man who invented the steamboat.  And you thought Robert Fulton had done that! Nope.  Fulton's steamboat was actually built 22 years after Fitch's steamboat.  Unfortunately for John Fitch, however, he was not able to obtain financial backing or public support for his.  Fulton's was backed by some strong investors, so it became a success while Fitch died penniless.

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