Saturday, November 29, 2014

Black Friday

I used to do Black Friday big time. I'd set my alarm for 4:00 am and be one of the first people on the road. Had to hit those stores for the best stuff! Now, having taken a year to get rid of all our stuff, I approach Black Friday with much more nonchalance. Not that I totally ignore it, but the pressure is definitely off.

So, I slept in until my usual 6:00 am on Friday, and surfed the web on my iPhone for a bit. About 10:00 Bob and I took a drive to the local Walmart to check out the $2 videos. We found five plus a $4 one that we liked, as well as some yarn to weave a lap blanket ($2/skein) and a couple of grocery items.  I was satisfied.

We then went to the Post Office and a nearby Starbucks to upload some blog posts.  I really miss having wifi.  In the last two weeks we have used 13.6 GB of data on my cell phone, mostly surfing the web. AT&T is throttling my data after 3 GB so even though I have an unlimited plan the service is very very slow.  Not to mention that I am unable to upload my blog via cell phone. Thus the long gaps between clusters of posts.  In Mission we should be able to load posts daily, if the campground's promise of "free wifi" also means "wifi that has a strong enough signal to actually work."

We did what we needed to do, then headed back to the campground. Unfortunately, upon arrival back at camp I realized that I had left my purse hanging on the back of the chair at Starbucks. <sigh>  A quick call was made.  My purse was still on the chair and the manager promised to hold it safely for me, so back to Starbucks we went.  Nothing seemed to be missing. I was very thankful!

The rest of the day was spent relaxing at camp. It was a beautiful day, and I sat outside and read for a while in the sunshine until I got cold, then went inside. I am fighting another cold ( must be getting used to a whole new set of viruses) so I didn't do too much else.  Fortunately my Kindle is full of books to enjoy! We had turkey, stuffing, and gravy for dinner, and later I made turkey stock in my pressure cooker while Bob and I watched another couple of episodes of Northern Exposure

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