Friday, November 14, 2014

Thursday, Weighing In

Brrr! It's a chilly 34 degrees this morning in the Temple, TX area, actually colder than our old hometown of Pemberton, NJ.  There's something wrong with this picture!

We traveled yesterday from Livingston, TX without difficulties.  First thing in the morning we secured everything and unhooked our connections.  We then proceeded to the weigh area for our appointed weigh-in, something I have been dreading all week.  Don't you just hate being weighed? Even though it was our rig being weighed, there was still angst.  Secretly I worried that my stuff might have contributed to the blowout we had.  Perhaps the two bins of weaving and knitting books I was unable to part with, or the (eight) looms, the spinning wheel and marudai, and the bins of very heavy cones of yarn put too much weight on the tires.  I did have the books stored in the closet in the back center of the coach, not in a slide, so I was hoping that would be OK.  

Well, our results of the weighing showed that the back end was almost perfectly balanced, but there is a difference of about a thousand pounds between the front drivers side and the front passengers side, so we will have to rearrange what we can in the basement and increase the tire pressure on the heavy side.  Whew! No big deal, really, as long as we deal with the tire pressure.  Overall we were within the allowed weight limit.

After the weighing we drove into town and had the motorhome inspected and got Texas registration for it. It was easier this time around, knowing what to do in what order.

Our trip from Livingston to Temple was very pleasant, with pretty scenery and good roads.  We were on a two lane highway most of the time, which went through towns and was much more interesting than an interstate. We are settling in for the next two and a half weeks, which will be nice.  And we can't wait to see my sister and her husband, our niece, her husband and their two adorable children!

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