Friday, November 28, 2014

Thursday, Thanksgiving Day

Well, we already celebrated Thanksgiving Day yesterday, but it was so good we decided to do it again! Gail and Mark came over with Caryn's two little ones, as Caryn was not feeling well. They brought leftovers from the night before and we had a nice feast for lunch, before going out for a walk around the campground. It was a perfect day for a walk; temperatures were in the mid to upper 60's and the sky was blue. Thanksgiving always featured a family walk around the block when we were growing up so it just felt right.

I Face Timed the kids, gathered together at Kristen's house, and it was so nice to see them with spouses and grandchildren. The men were gathered around the after-dinner table playing Magic cards and they seemed to be having fun. Wish we could hug through the phone, but what a blessing to be living in a time where we can see people as we talk to them.  We live in an amazing world.

The rest of the day was for relaxing, which felt good after the last couple of hectic days. Bob watched a little football in the bedroom while I read a book in the living room.  I am pleasantly surprised how well sound is contained in another room when TV is on.

Our neighbors here are feeding the local deer, so there are almost always a few hanging out where we can watch them from our front window.  They are fun to watch.

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