Friday, November 7, 2014

Texas DMV Day

Thursday was spent getting the car registered in Texas and obtaining a Texas drivers license for me, so I could drive the car. Doing this involves a bit of running around.

Step 1: find DMV, 10 miles from campsite, and discover you have to go to tax assessors office for forms.
Step 2:  go to tax assessors office, get forms, and find out car must be inspected first.
Step 3:  go to local auto body shop to get car inspected.
Step 4:  realize we have lost the current proof of insurance form that the inspector needs, and only have the one dated December 1, 2014-December 1, 2015.  Return to campsite, 10 miles away, grab computer and go to managers office to get a paid wifi account so a new proof of insurance form may be downloaded and printed.
Step 5: go back to local auto body shop (another 10 miles of driving) with new proof of insurance form, have car inspected which takes 2 minutes.  How much can they inspect in 2 minutes? Pay $15 for inspection.
Step 6:  return to tax assessors, fill out forms, pay $182.50 for new registration.
Step 7:  go back to DMV with Texas registration, get plates for the car, and show 5 different pieces of ID for Texas drivers license for me. Pay $25 for license.  Return to campsite victorious, another 10 miles back.

Next, we have to do it all over again for the motorhome as we are leaving Livingston.  Bob also will take the written class B exam ( the man at the DMV assured us that everyone who studies passes the written test) and will then have to take a road test with the motorhome. I will go through the process at a later date.

Today Boot Camp starts!

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