Monday, November 3, 2014

October 30, 2014

October 30, 2014

Yesterday Bob and I took a ride to find a spot to launch our kayaks.  There's a nice little boat launch on a lake about five minutes away from here, and hopefully I will be over my cold in time to take a kayak ride before we head out.  We then drove into the nearby town of Foley, AL to find a thrift shop.  Bob needed some leather strapping to fix something on the motorhome and decided that an old leather belt would work just fine  he found a perfect one for $1.49 and was able to make the repair.  I also got some sheets at Job Lot to cut into side panels for extending our top sheets.  We really prefer generous top sheets on the bed but I don't want to have to buy King size sheets--I will cut foot-wide panels and see them to the side edges of our Queen top sheets.  For $10 I got enough fabric to extend a couple of our old top sheets.  

While we were put we stopped to upload Monday's, Tuesday's, and Wednesday's blog posts at McDonalds.  

Back at the campground I took a few minutes and removed the last of Bob's sutures on his nose.  His incision is healing nicely.

I had fun weaving on my Ashford Knitters Loom in the afternoon.  I love weaving outside!  

Our next door neighbor gave us a couple of DVDs on RV driving and RV life.  Since we will both have to get a class B drivers license in TX next month, the driving one should be very helpful. We hear that there is a lot of studying to do on hazardous materials and commercial driving, stuff we won't need but have to know about for the test.  In NJ we did not need a special license, but in Texas if your rig is over 26,000 lbs you do need one.  If we were not going to become TX residents it would not have been required.  Ah well, we can do it! I know that a portion of the Boot Camp we are taking next week will deal with driving, so that will be helpful too.  My concern is that there is very little chance for me to actually practice on the road, since it's kind of a big deal to just go for a drive in a Motorhome.  Everything has to be unhooked, loose items stowed away, the pets contained, slides in, etc before doing any driving. So really the only time I can practice is when we are driving down the road! So far it hasn't happened.  I may just sign up for a driving course with behind the wheel time.

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