Friday, November 28, 2014

Weaving and Antiquing Tuesday

Here is a picture of the project on my loom at the moment--dish towels for a certain someone in the family who just got married. Not sure if you read my blog, Bernie, but here is proof they are works in progress! Today I finished warping them and started to weave. They are an eight shaft structure and will look different on both sides.  I have been warping the loom in small stages, taking my time and enjoying the process as I go.

I have to be creative when using accessories.  I attach my bobbin winder to the back of a dinette seat, because the countertops and table are too thick for the clamp.

As I played with my loom, Bob ran errands in preparation for Thanksgiving. Gail called to ask if we would mind moving the meal to Wednesday evening so that our nephew Shawn could join us.  Of course that was fine! I was happy we could spend some time with Shawn because he is working 7-7 on Thanksgiving Day.

Later, Gail and I went to a couple of antique stores in Belton that we had missed last week, and enjoyed poking around the shops.  What is it about antique stores that I love so much, especially now that we have no room for "stuff?" I couldn't tell you. But I still like to look!

We also stopped at an H-E-B, a local grocery chain.  Outside we saw some interesting lawn art.  Metal chickens!

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