Monday, December 15, 2014

Butterflies and Company

On Saturday Bob and I decided to borrow the campground's pass to visit the Butterfly Centerand check out the bike path through it. We were told by a fellow biker that it was a good place to ride, and that dogs were allowed. It was a beatific day with blue skies and white puffy clouds, highs in the upper 70's. We took our time riding to the Butterfly Center, Auggie in his bike basket, the breeze blowing our faces. When we arrived we were greeted by a sign that said " no dogs."  <sigh>

We took a side road next to the center, but soon turned back because my bike really did not have the right size tires. It's a cruiser rather than a mountain bike, so traction is not great on dirt or gravel, especially with 12 pounds of "Aug Dog" on the front end.

We rode back to the campground office and I reached for the pass hanging from the lanyard around my neck. The pass was gone, having fallen off sometime during the ride. I headed back along the bike path to retrace my route while Bob took the car and drove along the road. No sign of it. I returned to the office and confessed that I had lost their pass; I really felt bad about losing the pass but the man in the office took it well; not that there was much I could do about it. :/

On Sunday Michelle and Danny came to see our MH and to visit the Butterfly Center.  We drover over (leaving Auggie back home) and took a walk through it.  We saw a lot of Monarch Butterflies, and met Spike, the facility's African Spur Tortoise.
We also saw a quilt show with beautiful butterfly quilts, an exhibit that will be touring the U.S.

Next we took a bike ride, borrowing two bikes for our guests.  We also borrowed a pass for the State Park that got us all in free. The office had no problem lending us the bikes or the pass, despite the previous day's loss of the Butterfly Center pass. We had a great ride through the State Park, riding on paved roads throughout the park.

Monday was a quiet day. A little bike riding, a little knitting, and a little socializing with another campground resident who wants to learn to knit.  We will try and meet up tomorrow or Wednesday for a lesson.

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