Friday, December 5, 2014

Traveling in Style

Last night when we arrived back at the rig after dinner there were two packages waiting by our door. One was a Little Red Campfire which is a small portable propane fire ring that can be used even in areas where log campfires are not allowed due to fire restrictions.  We'd been talking about getting one for a long time now, so Bob bought one for me as a birthday present. 

The other package was Auggie's Christmas gift, a doggie bike basket so he can ride along on bicycle trips. He fits in it perfectly. Directions suggested taking it slow to get the dog used to it.  Well, Auggie took to it like a duck to water. He'd been wanting one of these for a long time, apparently! He never once tried to jump out; just sat there as the world spun by him. This was his kind of outing!

I have always loved biking more than walking, so the three of us had a fun day, going out several times. We found the bike trail that starts near the office and runs along the main road.  From there we could turn off onto a side road for a nice long trip. We witnessed a hapless fisherman getting a ticket from the local game warden and saw a Border Patrol vehicle speeding along the road.  We see a lot of Border Patrol cars around here.

Later we took a drive to Walmart to pick up supplies, then stopped in at a vendor fair for local tourist trips and health clinics, adding to our stash of pens and post-it notes. Even though I didn't win a door prize in the raffle, it was still fun.

After dinner we walked Auggie and could hear a coyote yipping in the field beyond the fence surrounding the campground. We were glad to know that fence was there. Coyotes can be a danger to small pets around here, even when the dog is with you on a leash.

Weather today was in the low 80's, with a nice breeze.  Just beautiful.  We'll take it!

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