Monday, December 29, 2014

Quiet Weekend

We had a nice weekend here in the campground.  On Saturday we had lovely weather, with blue skies and white puffy clouds and temperatures in the high 70's. I was able to take a long walk with Auggie in the morning and later had a nice bike ride with Bob in the afternoon. 

Which was very good, because Sunday was the pits. It poured rain, temperatures were in the 40's, and it was rather miserable.  We barely peeked our heads out of the motorhome; instead we read and did projects.  I took my project off the loom, did a little sewing, and a little cooking.  We ran through the air brakes test procedure in preparation for our test on Friday.  It was actually a nice way to spend a cold winter's day.

Much of Monday was spent planning our route to Casa Grande, AZ.  I research possible campgrounds and routes, being mindful of distances.  I will also check the route against our book of mountain grades to be sure we are not going over steep mountain passes if we don't have to.

I have been waiting since December 12 for a package that was originally supposed to arrive via UPS on December 19.  Unfortunately, the person labeling the package was rushing and she put our old address in Pemberton, NJ on the slip, and off it went in the wrong direction.  It went all the way to NJ before it could be re-directed to south Texas.  And because of Christmas and the sheer number of packages shipped all at once, my package has been taking its sweet time. Unlike another package that arrived today, whose driver apparently checked in every time he or she stopped for a cup of coffee, this package has been traveling without being scanned for a whole week.  This has made me very nervous. If it does not get here by the 31st, we will be gone and it will have to be returned. So here's hoping it comes tomorrow or the next day!

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