Wednesday, December 3, 2014

First Driving Lesson

Today I had my first RV driving class, from the RV Driving School (appropriately enough.)  We had met our instructor, Glyn Carson, at the Escapees Boot Camp a few weeks ago, and hit it off right away.  Glyn is a former trucker who has been all over the country, including Alaska's ice road (a road which is only driveable in winter when the road is frozen.)

So at noon my class began.  After a few minutes to orient myself I was driving our MH out of the camp. I got a lot of waves and thumbs up from other folks walking around the camp. I got a feel for turns and road placement, then got on the highway where I actually felt pretty comfortable. Later we did some backing up in large parking lots and Glyn used cones to simulate backing into a campsite.  At the end of the session I did back into our site which went well once I got myself set up.  I felt pretty pleased with myself! Tomorrow morning I have my second lesson and then I'll be done.

After class our next door neighbors, Wendy and Brian, invited us to Margarita Hour at the clubhouse, where they served $1 Margaritas. While we missed winning the 50/50 door prize we did win some coupons to a zoo in Brownsville, TX. We also met a lot of really nice people. I think we are going to really like this place

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