Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Biking on a Perfect Day

Monday was a gorgeous day, one of the nicest weather days we have had so far. Gail came over to the campground, we had our lunch al fresco and we borrowed a bike for her to ride. 
She got to see the dog park and agility area, and to see Auggie show off his agility skills. Then we rode through the state park and saw some native birds including a roadrunner, green jays, and a flock of chachalacas which look almost like small turkeys. 

After that, we rode around the neighboring development and did some house tours. We agreed that if we won the lottery we would consider buying a winter home here. Hey, it could happen!

Bob and I sat outside under the stars in the evening, getting some use out of our Little Red Campfire, which is a small propane fire ring. It was so nice out.  We kept hearing something behind us though; it turned out to be one of the purebred Brahman herd that abuts our campground. I love to watch them.
It was a really nice day.

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