Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Package Arrived, Thanks to Bob!

Yesterday I wrote about my wait for a package that had been ordered on 12/12/14, and was still in transit.  I was pleased to see that last night it had been scanned in San Antonio and was on its way to me.  Early this morning it arrived in McAllen, TX and was put on the truck for delivery.

So I waited, and waited, and waited.  At about 4:00 I saw the UPS truck fly down the road past our campsite.  It proceeded to travel up and down the small roads of the campground and I could see the truck through the trees as it delivered packages to other campers. A quick check on the computer and OH NO! The driver had entered that he couldn't find us and was on his merry way.  Bob offered to chase the driver down, so he hopped in the car and drove off.  Meanwhile I got on the phone to UPS and the woman looked up the notation and said that our site number was not listed but we could drive to McAllen after 7:30 pm and pick it up.  She claimed to have no way to contact the driver, even though I had had a similar incident about a year ago and the driver was contacted right away.  But just then Bob drove up with this.
He had caught up with the driver who said, "OK," and handed over the package without apology. (Shall I call this UPS man a lazy scum? Of course not, I never stoop to name calling.  But if the shoe fits...And by the way, the address as well as the site number was on the box so the person at the call center was lying to me.  Ah well, I digress.  Shake it off--I got my package!!!)

Inside was this:
And inside the bag was my new loom. A 28" Ashford Knitters Loom.
"What's this?" I hear you say. "Another loom?  Do you really need another one?" "Mais certainment" (as my Canadian friends would say,) "but of course" my devoted blog readers, I really did.  This loom is wider than even my floor loom, yet takes up relatively little space, so that I can weave wider fabric. Bob will add a couple of new cross pieces to my old stand and it will be able to be used with this loom as well as my 12" and 20" looms.  One of the benefits to having such a handy husband. :)

So I took out the loom, did the minimal assembly that is required, admired it, folded it up, and put it away in the loom closet where it fits nicely.  Because tomorrow we start stowing everything away and on Thursday we are on the move to Laredo. And to our road tests on Friday, and now that I have my loom I will be focusing on worrying about the test (the loom has proven to be a lovely distraction up until the time it arrived.)  Or trying not to worry, but who am I kidding? I am nervous about the test.  It will be fine.  But I am really looking forward to Friday afternoon!


  1. Good Choice! What dent? What is your first project?

  2. It came with a 7.5 dpi heddle and I also got a 5 dpi and a 10 dpi heddle. My first projects will be a couple of stash busters--I'm thinking a Leno shawl and a Cottontots blanket.