Monday, January 26, 2015

Bluegrass Festival and Car Show

On Saturday we visited the Pinal County Fairgrounds for a Bluegrass Festival and car show. The weather was pleasant, in the mid 70's with a bit of a breeze, and the fairground was hopping! Bob and I are not really bluegrass fans, but the music added a really nice background to the festivities.

There were entertainers outside as well as inside one of the buildings, where vendors sold all kinds of items from jewelry to handwoven water bottle holders. 

I thought this design was very clever and I may make myself one.

We also enjoyed walking around the quilt show and choosing favorites. These two were my favorites.

But what was the most fun was seeing the old cars, from the Model T to the 70's. Here are a couple that were built the year Bob and I were born.
A 1955 Ford Crown Victoria...

...and a Chevy 210.
When we were graduating high school, these were the cars being made... the 1973 Ford Pinto...
...and the Chevy El Camino...
It was a great day!

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