Monday, January 12, 2015

City of Rocks

Saturday was a damp, cold day, so we decided to stay in and read. It's kind of nice to take a day like that sometimes.

Sunday, however, was in the 50's and the sky was blue. Time for an adventure! Bob and I drove to City of Rocks State Park, about forty five minutes away. For $5 we were able to drive in and walk around, ending with a picnic lunch. So how do I describe this amazing place?

City of Rocks was formed almost 40 million years ago when a volcanic eruption shot lava across the area. Over the years since then, wind, water, and plants have eroded the rock landscape into huge, rounded pillars and formations. This photo shows the size of them, with part of the City behind Bob.
We had fun wandering around, in and out of the City, climbing up on some of the boulders.
Auggie was a little spooked, I think. He didn't really understand what we were doing there! In the background of the photo above you can see a typical mesa.
The pillars here look short but are actually 20+ feet tall.
These two round boulders hang between two pillars. Isn't Mother Nature amazing???

One thing that has struck us, wherever we go in NM, is how friendly people are. Coming from NJ it's a bit odd, but you actually wave to every car that you meet on any road that is not a busy highway! And any person you pass on foot, in a parking lot or on the street, you say hello to.  I like this friendliness and could get used to it.

Today we pack up and leave Rose Ranch RV Ranch for Casa Grande, AZ. It will be about a 6 hour trip, and as much as we have enjoyed New Mexico, we look forward to seeing more of the Southwest. But I have a feeling we will be back one day!


  1. Will you be visiting any weaving studios or Indian weaving places?

    1. I really hope so! It's on my list of things to do :)