Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Lunch and Shopping in Silver City

Bob dropped the car off this morning at Big O Tire to have the brakes checked. And after a couple of hours everything was fixed. A worn brake pad. We were grateful it wasn't worse.

I spent some time scissoring Auggie and giving him a bath. He looks a bit neater now.
Since the morning was shot we decided to drive into town to have lunch at Little Toad Creek Pub and Grill in downtown Silver City.
We had a very nice lunch in this historic little pub, then headed across the street to the Antiques Mall. I love browsing in antique stores; Bob doesn't mind them in moderation. We spent a happy hour browsing amongst the old items from long ago. I found a really nice handwoven Mexican huipil (pronounced "hwee--peel") for $4.50.
I love the deer ( or are they llamas?) woven into the fabric. And the shirt fits me, too! We walked around town a little, then went back to the motorhome to spend time with Auggie.  A nice day.

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