Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I Warp my New Loom

We are settling right into our new campground. Yesterday we went to the administration building to get our photo IDs which are required if we want to attend any activities here, and got our mailbox key. We took a bike ride all around our huge campground, and visited the dog park a couple of times.  Auggie met "Teddy," a blue merle Mini Australian Shepherd, who immediately began humping Auggie. I told his owner that if Teddy kept doing that, he was going to have to buy Auggie dinner afterwards. ;)

We decided to splurge for dinner and Bob brought home some In-n-Out Burgers. Mine was wrapped in lettuce and Bob got the bun with his. They were good, and a nice change for dinner.

Bob took the orientation course at the woodworking shop this morning, which is required for every person who wants to use the equipment. He was then able to make the two cross pieces for my loom stand so that I could use my new 28" wide Ashford Knitters Loom on it. He did a great job, of course, and the stand is fully functional. I am so fortunate to have a husband who does things like this for me!

It takes a little creativity to direct-warp a loom in this space, but it can be done.

I clamped my raddle to the counter by the TV and measured out eight feet from it to allow room for the warp. I then wound the warp onto the warp beam using cardborard strips as separators, threaded the holes of the heddle, and tied the front onto the cloth beam. All ready to go!

I am weaving a white shawl and will use leno for a lace effect.

I spent a little time looking over today's activities. Check it out (click on the picture to embiggen):

There's so much to do here! Of course, I have my weaving, so I'm not sure how much time I want to spend learning a new craft...