Tuesday, January 13, 2015

We Move to AZ

We left New Mexico during a rainstorm that was supposed to hang around all day over Silver City, before turning to snow overnight. Bob had had the foresight to unhook all connections except for electrical the night before, and get all the outside things stowed away in preparation for our trip. So Monday morning all we had to do was unplug the connection, secure things inside, and pull in the slides. And hookup the car--that had to be done after we pulled out of the campsite.

Within an hour of travel we had moved out of the rain zone and only caught sporadic rain showers along the way. The temperatures climbed into the 60's as we approached Casa Grande, AZ, our new home for the next month. We saw some breathtaking scenery.

These two panoramic shots were taken at an Arizona rest stop.

I also noticed beautiful overpasses that decorate Interstate  Rte 10.

We arrived about 2:30 in Casa Grande after about 5 hours of driving (minus a couple of stops--we don't rush!) This place is HUGE, with about 2000 sites, shops, pools, several dog parks, tennis courts, golf courses, lawn bowling, wood shop, craft room, and more. There are a lot of rules, but the place runs smoothly. Unfortunately there is no free WiFi, but you can get Dish Internet for $35/ month which is WAY better than the iffy WiFi typically offered, so I am a happy camper. Ha! I can even stream videos. And we get cable TV--such a luxury!

People seem to be very friendly here, too. And with temperatures in the upper 60's, we are loving the weather here. It's going to be a good month, I think.


  1. Sounds nice! Is Bob going to the wood shop? What is the craft room like? (any looms?)

    1. Bob is going to the shop tomorrow to work on my loom stand (turn a 12" stand into a 28" one.) No looms in there. I'll be checking out the craft room, though. :)