Monday, January 19, 2015

Our Cotton Pickin' Day

We were looking for something different to do this weekend, so on Saturday Bob and I took a drive over to Caywood Farms in Casa Grande. Caywood Farms raises cotton and in the wintertime they have started to run tours of the operation. We were a group of about 40, and soon we were checked in. Can you find me in this picture?
Our hosts started out with with a little fiddling and some songs about farm life, with help from their grandson.

Next our half of the group went into the film shed and saw a bale of cotton, which weighs about 500 pounds. A bag of pest-resistant seed is next to it.
Our guide, Nancy, is a former teacher and had prepared a very nice PowerPoint presentation for us, to teach us about what cotton farming entails. I was amazed at how much there is to raising, harvesting, and processing cotton! Nancy gave us a handful of raw cotton and I immediately proceeded to spin a little with my fingers. Nancy was impressed.
After the presentation we had the opportunity to take a hayride into the fields, see the tractors and pick a few bolls of cotton.

Everyone was offered a bag of wheat as a parting gift. I told them I didn't eat wheat but would love some cotton, and they gave me this...
...some of which I spin into this!

It was a really fun and educational day. And now I know a bit more about how cotton makes it from the field to our hands.


  1. Is a journey wheel in your future?

  2. Haha! A journey wheel is a bit out of my price range, but they are beautiful!