Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Popular Mechanics and my Blanket is Off the Loom

While NJ and New England got a lot of snow today, we in Arizona got a little shower before temperatures rose to the middle 70's. Bob had a doctor's appointment locally, and I stayed with Auggie and K.C.  A tough job, but someone's got to do it.

My grandson, Robby called me the other night to interview me on the subject of dogs.  He is writing his first term paper and needed to interview someone.  After answering his excellent questions, we started chatting about the "olden days."

Now to an adult, the "olden days" are what happened before our times, so I looked up a Popular Mechanics dated January 2015, one hundred years ago this month.  Google Books has these magazines in their entirety, scanned and available to all to read.  I remember Popular Mechanics as a child.  It was full of fascinating subjects and how-tos, a kind of Make Magazine back in the day.

A hundred years ago, I told Rob, you could buy a house from the Sears catalog.  Popular Mechanics had a couple of homes advertised that looked pretty cool. Click on any picture to make it bigger.
A person might discover new and exciting ways to improve the house you already had, like putting in a sleeping "room" that hung out of an upstairs window.  Too bad they didn't catch on.
You could also find a new career between the pages of PM.
Or build yourself a new pair of ice skates.
The magazine even featured an early RV!
I had a lot of fun looking through this magazine. It is amazing what's on the internet.

Later I finished weaving my blanket and took it off the loom to wash and dry.  You may recall I am using my 28" Ashford Knitters Loom--I love this loom!  I am also loving the subtle stripes on this cloth, and I think it will make a great blanket--it's so soft.  Later this week I will zigzag the edges and cut it apart, stitch it together and bind it.
Tomorrow Bob and I hope to go to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. Stay tuned!

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  1. that was a quickie on the loom! musical cacti?!!