Thursday, January 15, 2015

This 'n That

Blue skies today with temperatures in the high 60's! I'm loving this weather.

Let's see, what did we do today? We walked down to the dog park and let Auggie play amongst his peers.  We then returned to get our bikes and did some more exploring, finding another dog park (there are eight of them) and another pool and hot tub. We also found the sewing room which has shelves packed with sewing machines, and an exercise room with bikes, treadmills, weights and Nautilus machines. I took a picture of the golf course--Bob says he thinks it's a par 3, for those who are interested.

We took a ride to Chandler, AZ to visit Lincare, the company that is supposed to be supplying Bob with a C-pap machine. I say "supposed to" because we have been trying since August to get it and the agencies in NJ, Livingston, TX and Mission, TX have only given us the runaround. Perhaps they know that if they drag their feet long enough we will move into another office's territory and they won't have to actually do their job?

We also tried to get a new key made for our Honda, but we need an appointment to do that. I seem to have lost my key somewhere around Christmas time.

Later I started actually weaving. I'm making a white cotton shawl, using a finger manipulated weave called leno. This variation is Antique Mexican Doubles, and I love how it is coming out.

Who knows what we'll do tomorrow?

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