Saturday, January 17, 2015

What's Pickleball?

Friday brought blue skies and temperatures in the low  70's.  It is interesting about the weather here.  Nights are cool, high 30's or low 40's, and it takes until 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon to approach high temperatures, sometimes even later. So women tend to wear shorts or cropped pants with short sleeves and a jacket.  That way you are ready for weather all day.

We took our usual walk with Auggie and then a bike ride to check the mail on the other side of the park.  Bob and I had a nice conversation with someone at the dog park about pickleball.  Pickleball is a blend of tennis, badminton, and pingpong and is played with a paddle and ball.  There are pickleball leagues and pro shops now, and a paddle can be very inexpensive or can cost several hundreds of dollars. Pickleball is big here, and we may go watch a game to see what it is like (although I worry about doing more damage to my knee so I will probably pass on actually playing it.)

I spent a bit of yesterday weaving and enjoying my new loom while Bob ran some errands. I hope to have my new shawl finished in the next couple of days so I can weave a small blanket to donate next month to Project Linus.  They will be collecting blankets at the Good Sam Rally in Phoenix where we will be working, end of February.

Last night Bob and I attended our first Casa Grande block party and had a lovely time.  We are surrounded by people from the Dakotas, Kansas, and Idaho, all super-nice folks.  Bob has started calling us "Taxans" rather than "Texans" because we are residents there for tax purposes. Ha!

Monday is a free National Parks day so looking ahead we may visit a park that day. Not sure what we will do this weekend, but whatever we do it will be better than working :)

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