Friday, July 24, 2015


What is Webs, you ask? Any knitter or weaver knows about Webs, a yarn Mecca for fiber enthusiasts. And by some strange coincidence it happens to be only a little over an hour from where we are staying.

Bob and I took the drive to Northampton this morning, traveling on back roads (some of which were not even paved) and highways across western Massachusetts. The weather was perfect with sunny skies and a gentle breeze. We arrived about 11:30 and decided to eat first, choosing this place out of the many restaurants in this college town.
Neither Bob nor I had ever tried Moroccan food and we thoroughly enjoyed the lamb shish kabob sandwich and shawerma (thin marinated slices of lamb and beef, broiled tomatoes, parsley, onions, lettuce and tahini sauces in thin flatbread called lavash.). We both agreed that this place was a great choice.

Then Bob dropped me off to shop in one of my favorite places on earth. I have been visiting this store for years, and always look forward to returning.

The store space is deceptive. The front looks like a typical yarn shop with a nice selection.

Then you discover that there is a whole other room that is even bigger, called the Warehouse. Today they were having a sidewalk sale in the back.

The room goes on and on and is filled with close outs and bargains. Webs has a lot of weaving yarn as well as fiber for spinning (and a place to sit down and try different wheels) plus a weaving room with looms and tools, tons of books and patterns, and friendly staff to help you find what you need. My sister Cheryl and I have been known to spend HOURS in Webs.

And one of the best things is their discounts. Ah yes, my knitting/weaving/spinning friend, if you spend $60 or more on yarn and books you get 20% off, and if you spend $120 on discountable yarn and books you get 25% off! Since I am a woman who loves a bargain, this is my cup of tea.

I picked up a book I have been wanting called Kismet (Weaving was Bound to Meet Knit & Crochet) and some yarn for dishtowels, and I got an Elizabeth Zimmermann book for Cheryl. It was such fun.

While I shopped Bob drove to Walmart and picked up some essentials. We managed to avoid unpaved roads on the way home and arrived at our campground in time to sit outside for a bit before we had some passing showers. We are both enjoying the beauty of this place.
Our view from the motorhome. 

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