Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Auggie's New Collar and Leash

Last night I warped up my inkle loom and wove a band long enough for two collars for Auggie. That way I will be able to recycle the hardware and give him a fresh collar when it starts to look old. So today I sewed a new collar and leash set. The leash is 1/2" wide and the collar is just a bit wider, closer to an inch. I think he looks pretty good in them, don't you?

The hardware from that collar is over five years old. I just cut the old collar up and re-use it for the next one. And here is the draft for the 1" band.

Apart from sewing the collar, I pulled out my Turkish spindles and support spindles in preparation for selling a bunch of them.  I haven't been using them much lately and have decided to sell some in order to pay for a new spinning wheel. The one I'm getting is an Ashford Joy 2, with a travel bag. This wheel folds up and will fit into my fiber closet far better than my last wheel did. I have missed having a spinning wheel. Tomorrow I will get shipping supplies, take some glam shots of the spindles, and post them on Ravelry for sale.

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