Friday, September 30, 2016

Selling Spindles

Yesterday was a very busy day for me. After Bob and I drove into Knoxville for some shipping supplies, I listed 12 Turkish and supported spindles for sale on Ravelry. The Jenkins Kuchulu was the first to be snapped up (within 5 minutes of posting the spindle sale!) with the other Jenkins spindles quickly following. The Spanish Peacock and Enid Ashcroft Tibetans sold after that, plus the Grizzly Mountain arts lap bowl and an IST Crafts Turk. I still have two lovely IST Crafts Turkish spindles for sale, plus a Jeri Brock Turk and a Grizzly Mountain Arts Tibetan support spindle. All this means nothing, of course, if you are not into spindle spinning! I love using these, but I still kept some for myself and, really, do I need so many? I think not. My days of just collecting are over.
 My IST Crafts spindles. The one one the top right has been sold.
Jeri Brock Turkish spindle in "Leaves" pattern.
The top spindle in this group of three is still available. A Grizzly Mountain Arts Pear Tahkli.

Anyone interested in any of these spindles will find more details on my Ravelry page here.

All this kept me busy all afternoon and into the evening, responding to questions and packaging up spindles and preparing them for shipping out today. The good news is that I now have the funds for a new Ashford Joy 2 spinning wheel that has been ordered from Jill Sanders of Saori Santa Cruz, who is a brand new Ashford dealer. Jill has been a moderator for the Ashford Knitters Loomies for years and knows Ashford products inside and out, so this dealership is a great fit for her.

Today (Friday) I will send out spindles to their new homes and hopefully do a little sewing. It's been nice staying in this week and focusing on projects.

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