Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Our last few days have been busy as we prepared for getting back on the road. On Saturday the family gathered to celebrate Alex's 10th birthday and to give us a chance to say goodbye to Catherine, Tim, and their families. It was a very nice day, even though it is always hard to say farewell. The children enjoyed playing in a nearby park...
 ...and later on, back at Kristen's house, we played this game.
If you've never played Telestrations, it is a variation on the old game, Telephone, where you would whisper something and they would repeat what they heard until the message became garbled. In Telestrations you illustrate a concept in a sketch book, pass the book to the next person, they guess what you drew, the next person draws it, and this repeats until at the end you see how far from the original you have gotten. Now, imagine ten people playing at once and passing the books around. Hilarious! We all had such a fun time. I think Bob and I may have to have this game for an ice beaker when meeting new friends.

On Sunday Kristen and I went to IKEA since she missed out on the last trip. I got a sheepskin pad that I will use on my weaving bench to make it more comfortable.

On Monday Bob spent time washing the rig and buffing out some scratches that had bothered him since we bought the motorhome. It looks like new.

We babysat for our granddaughter, Quinn, on Tuesday. She had kindergarten orientation in the afternoon and her parents were at work and school. Bob and I enjoyed meeting her teacher and seeing where she will be spending her days this year.

On Wednesday we are on the move! It's time we got out there and started seeing new sights. Bob and I are sorry to leave our family but excited about what we will see and do in the next year!

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