Sunday, September 11, 2016

Fishing and Weaving

We have been having loads of fun here in the wilds of Pennsylvania. On Friday, Bob and I went to a nearby bait and tackle shop that also happens to be an Orvis store! Yes, that's right. Slate Run's very own.
Bob bought himself a three day fishing license and has been fishing for bass at every opportunity. He's caught quite a few, too. And even if the fish aren't biting, there are worse ways to while away the time.
I finished my current weaving project, which will be sewn into a purse...
And started a new project on my Gilmore Inkle Lap Loom. This will become a new leash for Auggie.
It's a little narrow for a collar so I will weave a coordinating band just a bit wider, after this one is finished. Here is the chart that I designed, with the pattern.

Check out this three-wheeled car! It looks like a really fun way to get around, and is certainly an ice breaker!

We have had hot weather (in the 90s) and a bit of rain over the last couple of days but the weather is supposed to be more comfortable and dry now, so we plan to take a bike ride today (Sunday.) Bob will most likely do some more fishing, and I plan on weaving. We may even get out to another state park if we feel like it. This is the life!


  1. Does Gilmore still make these inkle loom?

  2. Ellen, Gilmore discontinued these in 2010 but these looms still come up for sale sometimes on Ravelry. The Inkle Lap Loom is a forerunner to the Mini Wave loom, but is faster and easier to warp. It has a part that you hold between your knees when you weave and it is very comfortable to use. I wouldn't trade mine for anything!