Saturday, September 3, 2016

How Do We Fit It All In?

People are always amazed that I travel with ten looms: a Baby Macomber 8 harness floor loom, a Piccolo Saori loom, 3 sizes of Ashford Knitters Looms (12", 20", and 28" wide,) an Ashford Sample-It Loom, an Avril Rigid Heddle Loom, a Seidel Card Loom, a Gilmore Inkle Lap Loom, and a handmade reproduction tape loom. Plus a Saori warping board, a weaving bench, a Viking sewing machine and a marudai for braiding. I have yarn, too, mostly weaving yarns but some for knitting or crochet as well. I try to limit the yarns to specific projects, but my yarn stash does tend to grow. Where does it all go?

Well, we decided when looking for a motorhome that the only practical floor plan for us (me, really) would have a "bunk room" which is essentially a large closet with two bunks and two bifold doors. This works perfectly for me. While the sewing machine and bin for supplies, marudai, and weaving bench (they travel disassembled) fit neatly under the bed, all the rest fit like a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle into the fiber closet. Several times a year I reorganize everything to fit properly, since removing a loom or putting it back often changes the configuration. When I sold my Columbine Spinning Wheel this spring I ended up with a bit more space. Here's what my closet looks like when the doors are open. A space for everything, and everything in its space. There's not a lot of space wasted. The storage bags on the top bunk hold either looms or yarn, and the large bag on the bottom contains my warping board (which comes apart for storage) and my raddle (a warping tool.)
Bunk house models only have one bathroom but we are ok with that; for just two people a second bathroom would be wasted space. We also have basement storage where I have some fabric.

I have never seen any other RV floor plan that would be better suited for us.

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