Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Things to do in Pigeon Forge, TN

On Tuesday Bob and I spent some time checking out the area. We found the Lodge Cast Iron store...
 ...which was a lot of fun to go through. There are only four Lodge stores in the country. Three are in Tennessee and one is in Georgia. They will ship anywhere, if there's something you need and you can't find a store in your area.
 We passed some very interesting places, like this upside-down building that houses Wonder Works, an indoor amusement park with an inversion tunnel, rock climbing, mind ball, and a bed of nails.
MagiQuest is a live action role-playing game place in which players take the role of magic users. Players, called Magi in the game, use an infra-red emitting wand to interact with objects, scattered throughout the location.
And I had no idea that Paula Deen has her own restaurant. Most of the food is fried, as would be expected, but it's supposed to be tasty. Not sure we will eat there, though.

Across from Paula Deen's Family Kitchen was a shoe store where I found some Birkenstock sandals to buy. Score!

There's so much to do around here. There are shows all over, a NASCAR SpeedPark, zip lines, America's longest swinging bridge, a Ninja Warrior park, horseback riding, helicopter tours, dinner theaters, and magic shows. And there's Dollywood. Tomorrow I will tell you all about our visit there!

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