Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Seeing Elk

We have been having such a wonderful time in this area. Our campground, Pettecote Junction, is just about perfect as long as you can pry your cell phone from your fingers for a few days. It wasn't easy for me! They do have one of these available on premises...
...in case you need to change into your super-hero outfit. Oh, and I understand you can use it to make a phone call, too. Who'd a'thunk it? It's been a very long time since I used one!

On Monday Bob and I rode over some winding mountain roads to the town of Benezette, PA to see some elk. It was a lovely day for a drive and we ended up at the Elk Country Visitor Center where we learned some interesting facts about elk in PA. Apparently, by the mid 1800s all the native herds had been decimated by unregulated hunting. Then in 1913 Pennsylvania began importing elk from the western U.S., and with careful nurturing the PA herds have grown to almost 700. 
The best times of the day to spy the elk are early in the morning or at dusk, and there are elk viewing areas in several places.
Because we had to drive 2 1/2 hours to get to Benezette, we missed seeing the herd but we did see one female elk grazing in the shadows not far from the road. And she was in deep shadows so my photo did not come out, but at least we saw one!

We did get up close and personal with an elk by ordering the elk burger for lunch at the Benezette Motel and Restaurant, though. Does that count?
This morning we said farewell to our new friends, Joe and Jo Ann. We have promised to stay in touch and hopefully will see them again down the road.
So we are off to new adventures! Tomorrow we visit the Hershey RV Show and I can't wait. 

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