Monday, September 12, 2016

Just Another Day in Paradise....

We are enjoying some really lovely weather here in the Grand Canyon of PA. On Sunday Bob and I took a bicycle ride along the bike path that runs next to the campground.
This bike trail is part of a 60 mile long trail so your ride will never become humdrum. I told Bob that it sure would be great if all the campgrounds we visited had bike trails. I don't believe we have used our bicycles since we were in Bradenton, FL last October.

We have made some good friends at this campground. Joe and Jo-Ann work here part time and have been returning each summer for years so they are practically locals. In fact, Jo-Ann plays the antique pump organ at a local church every Sunday all summer long. We hung out with them on Saturday evening at their site, and on Sunday evening we invited them to our site.

Of course, we needed wine for entertaining! So off we went in the afternoon to find a local winery not too far away, called Oregon Hill, in Morris, PA.
They had a tiny, stone cellar where we tasted some of their bottles and we were quite favorably impressed with their 2014 Pennsylvania Merlot and 2015 Ensemble Rouge. We bought a bottle of each. The vintner's mother served us and she told us that her son at the age of 18 was the youngest commercial wine maker in PA. He is now in his 50s so he has been in the business for a long time.

When Joe and Jo-Ann came over in the evening they chose the Merlot to try. We all agreed it was very tasty, and after we gave them a tour of our home we sat and told stories as we sipped. It was a lovely way to end our day.

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