Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Möbius Cowl

Yesterday I woke up with the burning need to write an essay on how to write a research paper by taking notes on the computer. This was a method I used when I was in school and it streamlined the process so much. I wrote 30 page papers with 20 sources in half the time it would have taken me with handwritten notes.

I know, I'm very weird. Sometimes I just have to write on a particular topic, and this one woke me up at 4:30 am and wouldn't let me rest until it was written. When it was done, I had no idea of what to do with it. So I emailed it to my son in law, Anthony, who is in college.  He may not ever use my method but that's ok. I wrote the essay and I can move on.

We left Pidgeon Forge on Monday and drove the 47 miles to Heiskell, TN, where we will stay for a week. Heiskell is near Knoxville so we can get a feel for that city.

In the meantime, I have finished my Saori-style Möbius Cowl and I'm very pleased with it.
I think it will be fun to wear. There is a Weave A-Long (WAL) going on in the Ravelry group called Weaving in the Saori Way, where people have been creating the most beautiful projects. Mine is all cotton and should be light enough for winter wear in Snowbird Country.

Today we have plans to check out Knoxville.  I need a particular color of yarn I can only find at Hobby Lobby so I can weave Auggie's collar. I'm planning to make some homemade pasta with a nice marinara sauce for dinner, therefore we will run by WalMart for supplies for that meal. We are expecting a pleasant weather-day with temperatures about 80 degrees. I'm looking forward to today.


  1. Do you think your method might have an application in writing sourced genealogy articles/stories? If so, I'd love to see a copy!

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    2. I have decided to just put this out as a second blog post today, for whomever can use it.

    3. I have decided to just put this out as a second blog post today, for whomever can use it.