Saturday, November 21, 2015


We left our Harvest Host Friday morning about 8:30 am. The sky as blue, we only had about 4 hours until we reached our winter destination in Arizona, and the day looked promising.

We turned left onto the road leading to rte 10 and a warning icon on the dash lit up. One we had never seen before. A quick look at our manual didn't clarify, so I called Tiffin, and miraculously was put through to the right person immediately. Bob pulled over to the side of the road while we discussed options, and the service tech located a service center 16 miles away. He told us to go slowly and drive there.

Unfortunately, we had only just gotten onto rte 10 when it became apparent that the engine was seriously overheating. We pulled over again, called the service center in Las Cruces where we were heading, and waited. About 45 minutes later on of their technicians arrived to check us out. The AC unit that cools the front of the coach when driving had seized up and the fan belt had broken (that's my understanding of it, anyway.) We were in a dangerous spot, the tech told us, and he had just called for a tow.
We were towed to the truck repair shop, and we waited. At 5:00 they told us that we will probably be here all weekend, and sent us to a hotel a couple of miles away. As we drove there, the sun was hitting the mountains and turning them a lovely rose color.
Poor K.C. had by this point been in his crate for 10 hours and was happy to get out of it. Auggie was fine as long as he was with us.

So here we are. The hotel provides breakfast and dinner free to its guests, we have free wifi, and cable tv. We have a tub I can soak in. But I miss my house on wheels and look forward to getting back on the road. Until then, we are making the best of it. There is supposedly a great yarn and weaving shop here in Las Cruces that I want to check out. It's all good.

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