Monday, November 30, 2015

Work and More Crafting

On Sunday I pulled my sewing machine out from under the bed and looked through my fabric stash for the lavender "Minky" fabric I knew I had. From that fabric I fashioned two snakes, one larger than the other, for my grandson, Alex, and his little sister, Jillian. Both children have some sensory needs and would benefit from these fabric tubes that will be filled with plastic pellets and draped across their shoulders. Weighted snakes, blankets, and vests are often used for children who find that the extra weight helps them feel more calm and focused. I will mail the snakes to my daughter who will fill them with pellets. I think they came out rather cute.
Monday morning was Bob's and my first day of work with the animals in the shelter. We were introduced to Pat, a very nice volunteer who comes twice a week to walk the dogs. He showed us the morning dog-walking routine and we got to know our new charges. All of the dogs were very friendly and we hedged our bets by freely offering treats. It was a fun morning and time passed quickly as we listened to Pat's interesting stories of volunteer duties and what to expect.

By 11:00 we were finished and we returned to the motorhome. I spent the afternoon working on a 2" Weave-It project. I started this project in the hotel room last week and have already woven 100 squares. I used to have a 4" Weave-It as a child but the only thing I ever made with it was a six square doll blanket. I plan to crochet around each square before joining them in a triangular scarf shape.
Here are my squares, in no particular order. There's still a lot left to do until it's finished.

We have put up our foil insulation in our windows. On some windows we keep the insulation day and night; on other ones (the ones that reveal our view) we take the insulation off in the morning and reinstall it at night. Nights are cold here so we need it.
Tomorrow is our long day tomorrow is our long day, starting at 8:00 and ending mid-afternoon, I expect. We will see. Every day is an adventure!

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