Monday, November 23, 2015

Fun in Las Cruces

This has been a wonderful weekend here in New Mexico, despite the circumstances. On Saturday we did a little driving around and saw some of the lovely adobe homes that abound here, while looking for a Post Office that is open on Saturdays. Then on to the yarn shop!

Quillin Fiber Arts is a really neat store in Las Cruces that I found by way of Google, and it was not far from our hotel which was a bonus! Bob, Auggie, and I were made to feel like old friends when we arrived. It turns out that the owner,  Dedri, is on Ravelry and we "knew" each other already. I love how Ravelry brings total strangers together, all around the world!
 She had some lovely neck-worn scissor holders for sale that I lusted over, using old pirns from industrial fly shuttles and hand blown glass beads. Very original!
Dedri is a dealer for Kromski and Ashford and carries wheels and RH looms. I purchased some lovely ombré sock yarn to weave with. I have a couple of projects in mind.

On Sunday I spent the morning with family and friends via the phone, Facebook, and email who contacted me with birthday wishes. I am so blessed!

My friend, Ellen T, who is a faithful blog reader, sent me contact information for her friend, Joan, who lives in Las Cruces. I had taken a backstrap weaving class a year and a half ago with Laverne Waddington, and Joan was in that class. So we had had a little time to get to know each other. We made contact and arranged to meet at the New Mexico Farm & Ranch Museum in Las Cruces a little after 11:00, where there was a Homegrown Festival of foods and local crafts going on.

Even though I worried that I wouldn't recognize Joan, I knew her immediately when I saw her. We had fun perusing the vendor tables and she introduced us to several friends. I felt right at home.
Bob and I bought some prize winning salsa and two slices of pecan pie to serve as "birthday cake" for later. And I learned how to tell pure, raw honey from honey that has been labeled 100% pure but has been adulterated with up to 2/3 corn syrup. Can you believe that's legal, according to the FDA? Real honey has flecks of white pollen in it, and doesn't just taste sweet but tastes like honey. Good to know!

When Joan had to leave for a spinning meeting we said goodbye and promised to meet up again next time we are in the area. Bob and I continued to wander around the museum and came across Frank, who is a dowser and a water witch, he gave our small group a brief lecture on dowsing. It was very interesting.
Outside, the farm animals were fascinated by Auggie; sheep stomped their feet in warning, the Longhorns lowered their heads and followed us along the fence.
This burro thought he was very funny.

The farm has longhorn cattle as well as this type, which has more curved horns called Corriente cattle. They were brought to the area by Spaniards in the 15th century and are smaller than longhorns.

After the museum, we traveled to nearby Mesilla to Andele's Dog House for lunch, a dog-friendly local restaurant that has been recommended to us by Dedri. We enjoyed a yummy taco platter that we could barely make a dent in, and ended up bringing most of it back to the hotel to enjoy later. 

A wonderful and memorable birthday.


  1. Happy Birthday ! I haven't been to NM in way to long. My inlaws lived in Truth or Consequences. Been to Las Cruces in so so long. If you have a chance, go to Mesilla, it's a neat little town west of there.. Ellen