Thursday, November 26, 2015

Fixed and Back on the Road

On Wednesday everything fell into place. We got the word that the part we had ordered from Tiffin had been delivered, and the repair shop assured us that the repairs would be finished by the end of the work day. I had time to make a quick run to Quillin Fiber Arts yarn shop to exchange some colors of yarn I had bought a couple of days ago.

There as even time to visit Western Traders bead shop to find some beads to make myself a pirn scissor necklace. I always find myself intimidated by bead shops. They have so much pretty stuff that I get overwhelmed and tend to either buy more than I will ever need or use, or else walk out without getting anything. I spoke to the shop owner about my dilemma and he steered me to a bargain bin where I found the handful of beads I need. With a yard of leather cord, my purchase was just $2.00, Yay! As soon as we get settled I will have Bob help me drill some holes and trim my pirn so I can assemble it. Pictures to follow.

So we checked out of the hotel and drove over to the repair shop to wait. The day was so pleasant that I sat in the car with Auggie and KC and enjoyed a little reading time while Bob hung out by the work area and made sure things continued to move along. We were so ready to be out of there and back home in the rig.

I wrote yesterday about visiting Desert Haven Animal Refuge, which we learned about through Nick Russell's blog. While we were there we interviewed for a volunteer job, and today we were offered the positions! We are really excited about the next three months. We have been looking for a way to give back, and this opportunity seems to be tailor made for us. I think we can really make a difference in the lives of some homeless animals. In addition to getting to do this (and working with some very nice people) we will receive a free campsite with full hookups and free wifi. Bob and I will each put in about 16 hours a week, and perform a variety of tasks including animal care, working in a thrift shop, and building stuff (that's obviously Bob's part.). We will have plenty of time off to explore the area. And the winters there are supposed to be very nice. We will head over to our site tomorrow (Friday) to get settled in. It is only about an hour and a half away from our Thanksgiving day campsite.

Our rig repairs were finished about 3:30 in the afternoon,  Bob and I moved all our stuff back into the motorhome and headed west to Deming, NM to the Escapees park there.
Bob and I made great time to Deming and saw no holiday traffic, arriving before 5:00. Look at those empty roads. So much for congested roads the evening before a holiday! I think this is the latest we have ever checked in to a campground, but we had a drive-through spot so it was easy to get settled for the night. It felt so good to be home in the rig! Our spirits are high and we have so much to be thankful for. The fur kids are happy to be home as well.

We are signed up for the Thanksiving meal and will be spending it with about 80 of our Escapee friends whom we have yet to meet. Escapees are a very social lot and it is easy to strike up conversations, so we are looking forward to the potluck dinner, with the turkey and gravy supplied by the campground. I am bringing the stuffing.

Wishing all of you, dear blog readers, a very happy Thanksgiving! I am truly thankful for you all.

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