Friday, November 13, 2015

Finish-it-up Thursday

Thursday was very productive for me. I finished knitting a pair of baby booties, and washed them with the matching sweater. I crocheted a hat. I twisted fringe on a scarf and washed it. And I scissored and bathed Auggie. Of all of those, the only thing I can show you is Auggie, because the others are all gifts!
He was feeling a bit constrained with all the hair he had, so this is better.  When we first got Auggie, I bought an electric clipper only to discover that his hair is so silky that it really didn't clip well. Or maybe the clippers I bought weren't expensive enough. At any rate, he didn't really like them (more evidence that he had not been groomed as a young dog before he came to us) so I have always just scissored him. It takes about an hour to trim him all over and give him a bath, every couple of months.

We watched the last of our five Die Hard movies last night. Interestingly, the first two are set at Christmas, which got me thinking about other movies that are not actual Christmas movies but have the holidays as a time period. Lethal Weopon and Sleepless in Seattle are two more and I know there are many more. I'll have to look that up.

So with my knitting projects behind me, I'd like to do a weaving project. Perhaps something on the card loom. Stay tuned. :)

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