Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Vermilion Heritage Museum

One of the best things about traveling like we do is experiencing places that are not the "big name" attractions. Every area has them. Small town museums, restaurants, and small businesses that the locals know about, but that outsiders often can miss. We have found that utilizing our  Harvest Hosts membership has introduced us a lot of them. Some are fabulous and some are not so great, but all have been memorable.

Yesterday we stopped in Lafayette, LA to stay at the Vermilion Heritage Museum. Bob and I took a tour of the museum and were enchanted by the peek into the past that this place offers.
We parked a little ways away from the entrance shown here, in a large parking lot that we pretty much had to ourselves. We were next to the Vermilion River, a lovely setting.

The museum features a recreated village that includes actual Cajun and Creole homes from the 1700s to the late 1800s, giving the visitor a glimpse into the lives of settlers in this area.

One interesting feature is the staircase located on the outside of the home to allow access to the teenage boys' bedroom. While the daughters of the home had their bedroom right next to their parents' room, the sons of the house came and went as they pleased.  The outside staircase allowed them to keep all hours without disturbing their parents.

Almost every building in the village had a guide who told you about life in 16th and 17th century Louisiana. We met Cajuns and Creoles, all eager to share. One woman was the local spinner and weaver, although she admitted that weaving was not her favorite pasttime. I liked her anyway.

The ferry was an important part of bayou life, and it made for a lovely photo.

We had a good night. When we arrived we were offered space in a parking lot without gates, but we opted for the gated one that gave us a little more feeling of security. At night we could hear the soft sounds of the bayou; at 5:00 am other sounds presented. I heard planes, trains, and automobiles! I just turned on the white noise machine and rolled over.

Wednesday we will be in Texas!


  1. beautiful photos. I love how the woman is sitting at her wheel.