Sunday, November 15, 2015

Fun with Gail and Mark

We are enjoying ourselves with Gail and Mark, seeing sights and having fun hanging out. On Friday we took a walk through Miller Springs Nature Center. It's a short walk so we did it twice, since we were talking and getting caught up. Later we shared a picnic lunch, then headed over to Dancing Bee Winery and Honey Farm in Rogers, TX where they not only raise bees but make mead and wine that features their honey. Very cool.
You could taste all the different kinds of honey, and Bob and I chose this one to purchase.
After tasting lots of honey, we sat down at the wine tasting bar, where we tried a variety of meads and wines. For $10 you could taste six different ones and got to bring home your tasting glass as well. I focused on the meads, since I had never tried any. They were good!  

We even spoke with the woman who ran the tasting bar about Harvest Hosts, to see if they would join to host RV overnights. Turns out they are already in the process of becoming Hosts, so maybe we will stay with them for a night next time we come through the area.

Saturday was cloudy and cooler, and we decided to go to Killeen to see if our science pass from ASTC Travel Passport Program would get us all in, and it did. We visited the Mayborn Planetarium and Space Theater, after getting directions from the very nice soldiers at the Fort Hood Visitors Center.
Lunch was a nice meal at Subway before returning to see our first show at the museum. The Center  has a collection of rocks and fossils, but mainly features a very nice planetarium with shows on the hour. We saw a laser Christmas program and another presentation about the origins of life on earth called Oceans in Space. Very thought provoking! And each show ended with a "roller coaster ride" that made our stomachs do flip flops. Such fun!

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