Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Finishing Looms

Last year when we were at this park we attended boot camp and spent time registering the vehicles so we missed the opportunity to do any tours. On Tuesday we toured the headquarters of the Escapees Club.
This building houses the mail center and handles more mail than the Livingston Post Office. It was interesting to see how they do it. We learned that if you are domiciled in South Dakota or Florida, your mail still comes to Texas before being sent on to wherever you need it to be delivered. A film showed old photographs of the building of the park and the early years.

After the tour Bob and I ran some errands in town, and then I brought my ASIL and my Avril loom back outside to put a  coat of paste wax on them. This was on top of the two coats of polyacrylic I put on then over the last couple of days. It took me a while but I think the results were worth it.
They look so pretty now! And they are much better protected against scratches and dirt from handling them.

Wednesday finds us leaving Livingston and heading to visit my sister and her family. Hopefully the rain will hold off.

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