Thursday, November 5, 2015

Broken Steps

We left Vermilion Heritage Museum at about 8:30 am on Wednesday and turned our rig towards Texas. I always get a little excited when we are going to Texas. We are officially domiciled there, and my sister Gail, her husband Mark, and two nieces live there with their families, so it's almost like coming home.

We had an easy trip and even had the smart idea to drive past the campground and get the inspections done on the rig and car, before backtracking and checking into the campground. This saved us from having to pack up and drive the rig into town on Thursday. Unfortunately, when we arrived at the campground our steps would not extend or retract fully. Several kind folks stopped us to tell us our steps were not in as we drove carefully to our site. And a call to a local repair shop resulted in an appointment for a week from Thursday, just to look at the problem.  Ordering a new motor could take a few more days, then we would wait for the repairman to return for the work. Not good. Were we going to be stuck here for weeks as the weather on that trip west got colder and colder? Were we going to have to miss our visit to my sister? Not if Bob could help it!

Today my resourceful and very handy hubby crawled under the rig to see what he could see.
Bob was able to remove the motor pretty easily and test it. Yup. Need a new one.

So we drove into town after lunch, registered the vehicles, and tracked down a new motor, which should be in tomorrow. If all goes well, we won't have to wait around here for weeks, then pay a lot to a service technician after all. We are keeping fingers crossed!

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