Monday, November 2, 2015

Golden Acres Goat Ranch

Yesterday afternoon we settled into our Harvest Hosts overnight stop at Golden Acres Ranch in Monticello, FL. Our host, Bobbie, was most gracious and even gave us a tour of her lovely log home that she had built. It looks like it just grew out of the earth and trees.
We always purchase something from our hosts, and this time we were able to get some fresh laid eggs...
...some homemade jelly...
...and a shoulder of home raised lamb. 

Auggie enjoyed meeting three of the ranch's seven Great Pyrenees, who guard the flocks day and night.
Next morning we were treated to a beautiful sunrise, with the sounds of roosters crowing.

And we were able to watch through our front window the goats being fed by Bobbie's daughter in law and two year old grand daughter. It was a nice way to start the day.

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  1. We are delighted that you enjoyed your Harvest Hosts experience and we wish you many, many more!

    Kim & Don Greene
    Harvest Hosts