Sunday, November 29, 2015


Saturday was the date of the baby shower for my nephew, Stefan and his wife, Pam. I sure wish we could have been there! But I sent a handmade gift, a lavender sweater/bootie set that I had knitted, and a Cabbage Patch-style hat/wig that I had crocheted. I mailed them off a week ago and fortunately they arrived in time.
I had planned on starting a weaving project today, but (as it happens so often to me,) I started a book that I can't put down. This one is "The Longest Road," by Philip Caputo, and is a true story about a reporter and his wife who set off in a 19' Airstream travel trailer from Key West in Florida and head for Deadhorse, Alaska. Thanks to Ravelry friend, Laurice, aka "u10mc07" for the recommendation! I'm really enjoying it.

I did take a few minutes and decorate for Christmas. My 24" tree with tiny ornaments and lights sits nicely on the buffet next to the table, and you can catch a glimpse of the mountain view we have out our window. The clouds were just starting to move out. Next to the tree is the Santa that Bob brought back from Alaska, 14 years ago. And the little box holds a hand carved Santa that we bought in Iceland, along with a photo of a waterfall we visited, called Godafoss. Hard to see is the tiny Fontanini Angel, cuddling a lamb. It's the only piece of Fontanini I kept. I used to have a 10 building village, complete with (literally) hundreds of villagers, animals, and accessories. This is a little easier to set up and to put away after Christmas!
I hope to get some sewing done today (Sunday.)


  1. Glad you could download it and like it so far. It's got some good dog stories too.

  2. Just finished that book--loved it!! Thank you for telling me about it :)