Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Smashburger, Antiquing, and Rain

Bob and I met Gail and Mark at Smashburger for lunch on Monday for an early birthday celebration. I had the black bean burger with haystack onions and Bob had a classic (beef) smash burger with bleu cheese and sweet potato fries. Yum!!

Afterwards we went to Lott, TX to check out an antique mall with multiple dealers. We had fun browsing amongst all the neat stuff they had there, but ended up not finding the wall mounted antique bottle opener we were searching for. That's ok--it means we get to go again another day, in another city. The hunt is what it's all about! Fortunately, the weather was warm (low 70s) and while rain threatened, we really weren't bothered by more than a misting at times.

Bob and I had a quiet evening at home, then turned on the weather report. They were predicting rain and winds after midnight with gusts of 60-70 mph, so we "turtled up" and pulled in all our slides for the night. We have enough room to move around with the slides in, so this was no big deal. And we wouldn't be kept awake by the canvas covers over the slide outs, flapping all night. We were snug as a bug in a rug. I woke up when the rain started, about 5:00 am, to a tornado watch for our area. I decided to get up at that point, as I wouldn't be sleeping much anyway after hearing that.

So if the weather clears a bit we are on the road today and heading west to the Tucson area, hopefully to get into the SKP park in Benson for an extended stay. If not, we will find another spot to land for the winter. It's all good.

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