Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Long Tuesday

Tuesday here at the animal refuge is the longest of the week, work-wise.  We started working today at 8:00 am, worked until 10:30, stopped for a brief meeting, worked until 12:30, came together at 1:00-1:45 for a potluck and social time, then worked from 2-4:00. It was interesting, though. I started my day with the cats, learning the routine for feeding them, scooping the litter boxes, and washing up the dishes.
 A friend came to greet us this morning.
 The outdoor kennel area, first thing in the morning.
On the porch of the office.

Bob learned the morning routine with the dogs, including feeding and picking up after them. He then helped work on projects such as hanging Christmas lights, while I cut up donated blankets for the cats' beds and cleaned out a cabinet in the kitchen.  It was light work, and we are enjoying getting to know the staff and the volunteers, as well as the animals!

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